A heart made of gold or obsidian?



❝ Sometimes a person or people come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong, to show you who you can be, to make you feel better for a little while, or to just be someone to walk with at night and spill your life to. ❞Redbird

Real name: Matoskah || “White Bear”
Common name: Lore
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human*
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Grey/Silver

Affiliation(s): Scarlet Coins (currently) | Unknown tribe of people (formerly) | Many other adventuring parties (formerly)
Occupation: Adventurer
Class: Fighter (lvl 4)
Alignment: Lawful neutral (appears) | Chaotic Neutral
Place of Birth: Unknown

Personality: Lore comes off different ways to many different people, depending on their own personality and perspective. To some, he’s a charming and charismatic fellow, who has a tendency to flirt with anyone, regardless of gender or race. As one with a smile on his face and quick to use his words to either weasel his way in or out, he approaches life with a easygoing view and always seemingly quick to jump into aiding someone, while impressively keeping his ever present smile on his lips, regardless of the situation.

To others, he is foolish, hardheaded, a man more of pleasure than anything else. He comes off as dumb and ignorant of the world at large. That he won’t ever truly understand as long as he keeps prancing around doing his own thing. He’s nosy, too much of a menace, a troublemaker.

Truth be told, Lore is neither of these combined traits. Dig deeper and you’ll find a man who has a particular skewed view on life. What he projects outwardly gives him the opportunity to observe, to perceive, and to use to his advantage, should that arise. He has no real opinion on what is right or wrong as long as it does not interfere with his freedom and single goal in life.


Historical background:
According to the history of Estoria, at least on the religious end of things, two gods fought over the right to rule the land upon it’s creation. The victor being Pelor, the god of light, alongside his trusty bird Aloc. Once in power, he created three races to watch over the land in his stead:

The elves to watch the forests.
The dwarves to guard the mountains.
And the humans to roam the fields.

This was the common theory of creation until a few hundred years ago when magic became less and less important. Coming with the new age old belief and tradition was cast aside for the gold coin.

Elves were no longer magical fey creatures.
Dwarves no longer protectors of the earth.
Humans no longer masters of the flatlands.

You either were a trader or producer.

Lore was born to and grew up among a tribe of humans (just one of many) that were ever on the move. Because of their beliefs and ties to the god of light, Pelor, they continued on the tradition they had long since been taught from their ancestors. Whereas other humans forgot and/or forsake their origins, Lore’s people did not and resolved to stay truly “human”. With that said, almost all the people among his tribe carried a sense of pride of being human and take great offense to being looked down upon and disregarded.

Born with the true name of Matoskah, given to him by his mother in tribute to her great grandfather, Lore grew up a relatively simple life. Often, he did what most children would, learning and absorbing but something about his life among his people left a small void inside of him that he never truly could fill in. Regardless, he took to the life given to him without complaint. He laughed, he cried, he loved those of which he regarded as family. He learned the ways of his people, saw the wonders of what they could do. His father was one of the people’s greatest innovators of their time, using his intellect to help, not only his tribe, but many others that they were in an alliance with.

Matoskah, or rather, Lore in the common language, was an only child. Following in the footsteps of his parents, he’d often spent the mornings at lessons and playing with other children of the tribe. In the afternoons, he spent time with his mother, learning how to take care of their home. In the evenings, he was there by his father’s side asking questions as he felt it was almost expected of him. Not that he ever minded, it was routine and if anything, Lore didn’t mind too much following a daily routine.

This changed when the Great Flood happened. Around the age of nine, Lore witness the deaths of many of his people but most of all, he witness the death of his parents. It’s a tale not to be told lightly, for it has left its own mark upon him as one of the survivors of this terrible tragedy. Suffice to say, watching as his parents were sweep away before his very eyes, he was never truly the same after that. The void inside of his very core grew and would have continued to do so if he had been left to his own devices. Thankfully, he did have one family member left to him and that was his older cousin, Napayshni, better known as Rue. They knew of each other but their age difference left them with little interaction besides family gatherings. Having suffered his own losses, Rue took in Lore as his own despite the fact he was barely of age himself. Together, they became family and in a way, the void inside of Lore stopped. While he took time for them to get used to this new situation, Lore began to refer to Rue as his older brother and a sense of newfound kinship grew between them.

Years passed.

Around the age of fourteen, Lore met someone who changed the very foundation of how he viewed life and in that same vein, the course of his future. Having returned to a life of routine, this was shaken when his tribe were continuously attacked by strange creatures, the likes which they had never encountered. While they had always an incredible defense despite their constant moving from place to place, something about these creatures was unnatural and people were beginning to die. Thankfully, a party of adventures had been staying to resupply. While this wasn’t uncommon, his people tended to keep themselves and chose who could enter their premise, it was this band of adventurers who went out of their way to help his people. One of these adventurers was around Lore’s age.

Her name was Redbird.

Redbird was a young girl, sixteen summers old, who was the party’s cleric and healer. She was of similar skintone and origin to Lore and his people, which made the party’s entry into the tribe’s current location that much smoother. She was a kind-hearted individual, with pure intents, a positive outlook on life, and a small snippet of wisdom in her young mind. While she, at times, lacked confidence in her abilities and usefulness to her party, that was overshadowed by her passion to help and heal others. While they did not talk much at first, Redbird soon found herself wiggling into teenaged Lore’s life. Having never really recovered from the Great Flood, Lore was willing to follow along with what his brother wished for him, a life that was easy, mundane but thanks his exposure to the adventurer’s lifestyle, something inside of him grew. The void he had long since felt as a child started to ease back. Redbird, having taken note of this, talked with him and listened. While he was wary of her at first, Lore couldn’t help but be taken back by her enthusiasm and passion at the life she lived. While she would never be a great warrior or anything that the bards would sing about, her goodness won him over.


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