Child of Beasts, retrace your roots...


Real Name: Charmaine Silverstone (name is forgotten overtime)
Alias: Fáreryniel
Age: 19
Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Female
Place of Birth:

Affiliation: Scarlet Coins
Occupation: Adventurer
Class: Druid
Alignment: True Neutral

Fáreryniel keeps to herself most of the time, maintaining her distance from others due to the fact that she’s not very fond of people. Fáreryniel’s stoic, blunt, cautious, calculating, and wary of people she doesn’t know or trust too well. If you bare fangs at her, trust her to do the same in return.

Despite her distant nature, she can become a reliable ally in dire times. Treat her right, she’ll treat you right. She doesn’t think much of other people’s backgrounds; Fáreryniel respects other people’s boundaries and never ask more than need be. She also believes in the law, to give back when given to maintain balance so if you do something for her, she’ll surely give you something back in return as thanks.

In the end, Fáreryniel is an abstruse to herself. Having to live in the forest on her own for so long, she believes herself to be the person she was before leaving. However, as she continues to spend time with the Scarlet Coins, more of her begins to surface. Turning her into someone unrecognizable, even to herself.


Born in the slums of the Capital, Fáreryniel was known to be a bastard’s child among the housewives. An easy deduction, as her mother was but a maiden working in the manor. Rumors spread among the wives that Fáreryniel’s father could be the baron, and that her mother, Freya, seduced the man into committing adultry for selfish reasons. However, none knew of what occures within the manor.

The baron, Mason, was a skirt chaser, though in most times he was always careful. Never to go further than sexually harrassing their maids, but he was awstruck by Freya’s beauty and her sly rejections only made him endear her even futher. His advances soon fell into succession as they had copulate. After her birth, Labree began to suspect her husband. Having knowledge of this, Mason distances himself from Freya. His interactions with her become cold and distant, however Freya bares no ill-will towards him. She would raise her daughter to be just as kind, caring, and strong as she is.

But at the young age of seven, the Baronness decress for all her female servants and children to gather at the manor. Women and children, old and young, are collected in the courtyard as Labree declares that all are to be faced with death, unless the guilty one is brought forth. The crowd remained silent; an example was made as an innocent was revealed, her head was gone and around her neck is a rope hung onto the courtyard’s tree, dripping with blood that covered it from head to toe. Fear struck them to the very core as all the women hurringly push Freya to the front, along with Fáreryniel. With her fan Labree examines Freya’s face and with disgust she tells the guard to lock her away with her daugther. As for the rest, they’re to be executed…leave no survivors.

Panic ensues as people are slain and hung by the tree. Cuffed and tossed into the cellar, her mother desperately tries to find an escape route. However, all that could be found was a window at the far top that only a child could squeeze through. Freya reveals her plan to Fáreryniel, causing the child to disagree. Not wanting to leave her mother’s side, Freya places her hands on her daughter’s shoulder and instills words of courage into her heart.

“Be kind, be forgiving, and be strong. You’re my hope for the future. As long as you live, I shall to. I will always be by your side, my child.”

With the amount of will and strength her mother could gather, she pushes Fáreryniel through the gaping window.

In a flurry between avoiding guards and others, Fáreryniel hastely seeks out her father for help. She finds the mean standing motionless, as he witnesses the wrath he had unleashed. Fáreryniel rushes up to him, running into the man as she tugs on him. She pleads for his assistance, begging him to help her mother before it’s too late. However, with great amount of strength, Mason tosses her aside and all that he had to show was anger at the child.

“It’s all your fault…! I told Freya to get an abortion, but she didn’t listen! And now, look at what you’ve caused! You should’ve never been borne!”

The words struck her heart to the very core and engraved themselves onto it as she runs away in tears. Guards would spot her, one after another; fueled with adrenaline Fáreryniel continues to escape their grasp. Only to lose them when she finds herself entering the courtyard, where screams of agony and pain erupt. The sounds could very much rupture her eardrums, but the world falls silent as her cerulean eyes lay upon such a corrupt image of woman and children, slaughtered one by one and the number bodies hung on the tree continue to rise. Those she played with, those she befriended, spent time with, and have gotten to know over time were all dead. Her mother, as well, by Fáreryniel’s own eyes, was beheaded.

She stands there for a moment, only to snap back into reality when the guards would shout of her whereabouts. Slowly they begin to make their way into the room, and Fáreryniel hastly, as arrows are shot at her, rushes into the nearby forest. Losing her pursuers as they could not proceed any further or decided against it, believing that death would come to her regardless in one form or another.

At the start of her new life, Fáreryniel was broken. Fear engulfed her by the sight and sounds of the massacre that haunted her with every waking moment. Only a child, Fáreryniel knew little to nothing about caring for herself. It was only a matter of time she dies from starvation, exhaustion, illness, or being devoured by beasts of the forest. Knowing that death was not an option, by her mother’s words, she presses on. Firstly seeking shelter for the night before anything else.

Few days into her new life, Fáreryniel was starving to death. Her stomach would rupture in growls every minute or so. At a stroke of luck, she finds a cabin covered in moss and vine, however empty. Disappointment befalls her, as she leans against the wall and slide down to the floor. Was this how she’s to end? Sounds of growls emit in a close proximity as she thinks that perhaps she’ll be devoured by beasts before starvation takes her. Whatever her fate was, she was ready to accept it now. As she thinks that, the half-elf made out the sound of a whistle and a man reveales himself as he orders the wolves to retreat before questioning Fáreryniel. Not knowing him, she remains quiet and still as she no longer had the strength in her to move. With a gruff, he pulls out a leaf package, unwrapping it to reveal a plate of kabobs. Drool would flood from her mouth as she beholds the meal, seeing this he sets it down before her and steps back. Gesturing for her to eat, Fáreryniel immediently lunges at it and began to gobble it down. She didn’t care whether it was poisoned or not, either way death would come for her. With widened eyes, he watches her wolf it down and sat down before her, asking question after question for Fáreryniel to answer with a nod or shake of her head.

Draxter, a human hermit, took Fáreryniel in, teaching her various things for the sake of survival. Sharing his knowledge of plants and more, the half-elf absorbs all this knowledge like a sponge. Her last lesson was when she was 16, three days before he’s strucken with an illness that no amount of medicine could help him recover as he was old. For the next three years, she spends the rest of her time hunting and keeping peace within the forest.

Lore: ツツ
Fenric: ツツ

Lady Labree:


  1. Her mother was a human and her father was an elf
  2. Sometimes, begrudgingly, Fáreryniel travels to town with her hood up to gather certain supplies that aren’t available to her.
  3. Picked up leather craft and gardening.
  4. Adept in hunting, a novice at cooking
  5. Doesn’t care much about money
  6. Has a soft spot for children
  7. Lives with a Hawk for a partner named Draxter


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